Quality Meats Miami Beach

When I found out that I was going to be seeing a show at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, I immediately started searching for the perfect place for a meal before hand. Gotta eat good before a concert, rule number # 658. After hearing so much about Quality Meats in NYC, I definitely wanted to check out the hip and trendy Miami version. 

The NYC chophouse staple has its first “offspring” at the Bancroft hotel in South Beach, with chef Patrick Rebholz (ex Peninsula Grill, Charleston) at the helm presenting shellfish plateaus, suckling pig and tuna au poivre, plus simply prepared steaks and classic sides and a creative cocktail list. 

The space retains its art deco feel and features a check-in counter repurposed as a butcher counter, serving house-smoked and cured meats.

It was an amazing meal and an amazing room. Service was great and good times were had. Check it out next time your in Miami! Quality Meats Miami Website


House-Cured Slab Bacon / Peanut Butter & Jalepeno Jelly
Lobster bake with corn and potatoes
Baby Back Ribs
On draft Moscow Mule
In-house cured meats
The Bar
Watermelon with mint and greek yougurt
The Paloma


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