FROPRO Protein Bars 


I met Matt Williams, owner and founder of FROPRO, when I joined Slash Fitness in Downtown Delray about a year ago. Upon my first interaction with Matt, I knew I really, really, really liked this guy! His passion is overwhelming and he is always the most fun and happy guy in the room! Aside from being an incredibly talented personal trainer and health coach, he is also the man and brains behind FROPRO protein snack bars.


I sat down with Matt recently and got the story on how everything started. Here is what I discovered!

As a former elementary school teacher, coach, personal trainer and foodie Matthew Williams has lived and learned what is most important to fuel your body. As someone always on the go Matthew sought healthy alternatives that used basic ingredients to fuel his packed schedule. From teaching young people Matthew saw the choices they made with day-to-day foods and found a need for something quick, delicious and simple that combined basic ingredients that kids would eat.

As a coach and trainer it was always important to have his players and clients ready and properly fueled before intense exercise and training. Combined with his love for good food, ingredients, healthy eating and fitness Matthew created the FROPRO protein snack bar out of basic ingredients he used every day. Sharing his creation with clients, family and friends he realized that he had a unique bite sized product that could be eaten by anyone on the go. Matthew founded FROPRO on the basis of sharing a quality product with ingredients that could be easily understood, a taste that makes you want more and a bar that is healthy for you and tastes like dessert.

As a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of all things delicious, I can honestly say that these protein bars are amazing. And that is coming from a guy who ABSOLUTELY. HATES. PROTEIN. BARS. This is the only one that I actually enjoy eating!

FROPRO currently offers a variety of flavors. My favorite by far is the newest addition, the mint chocolate chip FROPRO. It also comes in Vanilla, Coffee, Key Lime (2nd favorite) and Chocolate.

You can find Matt at Slash Fitness getting people jacked, at basically any local health event or find him online!   




Instagram: @gofropro

Hashtag: #howdoyoufropro



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