Bloggers Night Out at Seminole Coconut Creek Casino

The Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek has been around since the early 2000’s, but its recently went under a gaint makeover. In Feburary of 2012, the Seminole Tribe of Florida doubled the size of its casino floor at Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek to 100,000 square feet, featuring 2,300 slot machines, and added three new high-end restaurants. They have taken what was once a “decent at best’ facility and turned it into a Vegas stlye casino and South Florida dining destanation.

On October 18th I was invited to take part in Bloggers Night Out which was hosted by Luxury PR Group and Heather McMechan from I was joined by an army of my fellow foodies and bloggers as we took part in an evening of cocktails and great food showcasing the best of what Seminole Casino Coconut Creek has to offer.

The night began as soon as pulled in to the valet, as we exited our cars we were greeted by casino hosts, a delicious cocktail and a red carpet entrance! The staff at the casino couldn’t have been more accomodating or friendly! The way the night was setup was also really fun. There were 3 total destinations and it was a progressive dinner of sorts, meaning we moved from venue to venue having different courses and libations.

The first stop was technically at the valet as soon as we exited our cars, we were handed the Seminole Casino’s signature cocktail – the Maximus Signature Cocktail (Nolet’s Private Reserve, Grey Goose VX, Grand Marnier 100 spray, Lilet Blanc ice cubes and a 23k gold leaf garnish).

Our second stop (FIRST FOOD STOP) in the progressive dinner was at Fresh Harvest. This looks like your average casino buffet at first look, but don’t ever judge a book by its cover! Once I saw and tried some of the food I realized I was at somewhere special. Chef explained that there is NO set menu at Fresh Harvest. Whatever they have they prepare, once they run out of something they move on to another dish or set of ingredients all together. Our group got to sample the Ahi Tuna Poke on a crispy gyoza skin with an “asian guac” and a fresh slice of jalepeno on top which was an awesome start!

Next came the Brasied Pork Wing. This was a beautiful looking dish and it tasted even better! He braises the pork on the bone for hours and it just falls right off the bone, ahhhhmazing. It was served with Peruvian purple whipped potato and a celery root puree.

Our next stop was at Sorrisi, which is the Casino’s fine Italian restaurant. We were escorted to a private room in the back near the kitchen, as we entered the room we were greeted with our own private guitar player and an amazing chese plate on the table.

One of the highlights food wise of the entire night was the first course here at Sorrisi. It is their Lobster Ravioli which was sitting on the bottom of a bowl covered in a rich and decendant creamy cognac lobster cream and topped with a giant chunk of Maine cold water lobster. Toasted parmesan and fried garlic was garnished on top, because it just wasn’t rich and delicious enough lol! The Grilled Romaine side salad was also a star. Charred romaine, artichokes, lemon and thin sliced prosciutto. All paired with Greco di Tufo Mastroberardino, which was a great Italian white that paired perfectly.

The next stop was what I was most looking forward to all night….NYY Steak. I had been hearing for a long time that this is the best steakhouse in South Florida, and after going there and expierncing it for myself, I totally agree! From the finest 21-day USDA Prime steaks to five-star seafood, spectacular house specials to sumptuous desserts, NYY Steak is to fine dining what the Yankees are to baseball – the best. An absolutely extraordinary dining experience. Lead Butcher Walter Apfelbaum (a burley man with a giant beard – which by the way is the only type of person I want butchering my steak), gave us a tutorial on what makes USDA Prime beef, Prime. He explained his very unique process and stressed that only 2% of the beef in the U.S. earns that distinction. At NYY they take it one step further, by dry aging the beef (and Colorado lamb) in special climate controlled refrigerators with Himalyain Salt to remove any moisture!

Our first bite at NYY Steak was a taste of their Ostera Caviar Service. Traditonal service with egg, red onion, crème fraiche and chives. Was a beautifully presented dish and it was served with a tall glass of Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne, #rich.

The next course was the absolute, hands-down, highlight of ALL the food I tried! The world-famous NYY Signature Thick Cut Bacon! They hand cut, house cure and smoke every single piece of bacon – which is Kurobuta pork belly (best money can buy – which is NYY Steaks unofficial motto). It is served hanging from a rope and covered in hot maple syrup, which drips down off the bacon and onto a cast-iron skillet full of homemade cornbread. Worth the drive for a beer and this dish alone!

Next at NYY Steak was a masterfully cooked piece of Prime Dry-Aged New York Strip which was served their creamed spinach. My favorite drink of the night was the bottle of red they paired with this cut of meat. It was a Napa, 2013, Cabernet Sauvignon from CrossBarn by Paul Hobbs. I HAD to have two glasses, whoops. Oh and served with truffle mac and cheese with freshly shaved black truffle! No biggie. 

And last but not least on this INSANE food tour was NYY Steaks most popular dessert, the NYY Steak Signature 151 Volcano. This dish was as much a show as it was anything else. It’s a mountain-shaped mound of vanilla ice cream, crusted in crushed Heath Bars and splashed with flaming 151 rum! Amaze!

The night ended upstairs at the brand new level2, which is a nonsmoking lounge with slots, gaming tables, poker room and a bar. We enjoyed dessert up here and said our goodbyes, at which point they rolled me down the stairs and back out to valet! It was a really incredible experience I wont soon forget. I will defintelty be back really really soon for some of these amazing dishes we had…..and some blackjack too, cant goto a Casino and leave without losing a few dollars!

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