Natural Nomad Farms 

I came across Natural Nomad Farms the same way I seem to find all my favorite places these days, Instagram, of course! I had reached out to Natural Nomad on Instagram ask where I can find their products around town. From that began a new friendship with the owner and farmer, Nick. He would drop off fresh herbs and veggies to my office when in the area, and I would try and introduce him to some of my Chef friends.

I recently took a trip to the farm in West Boynton Beach and was absolutely blown away by the love and care both Nick, and his partner Jason take to grow their food! I hope you enjoy my pictures from the trip!

Natural Nomad Farms focuses on growing the highest quality produce with the lowest impact on the environment. Everything that they grow is PESTICIDE-FREE, GMO-FREE, and cultivated without any harmful chemicals. Their produce is clean, safe, and responsibly grown to benefit your family and our local environment! Using vertical growing technology and distributing locally, they reduce their carbon footprint while providing the most sustainable way to access fresh produce in South Florida.

Natural Nomad Farms distributes products locally to reduce transportation and keep them as fresh as possible by the time it reaches your plate. Our country’s current food system has placed an importance on durability and longevity in our food so it can be shipped further distances and have a longer shelf life. Leaving freshness and taste behind. Their goal is to bring back the old school flavor of fresh vegetables and connect people with their food again. And if you get to try anything that they make, you will instantly realize this!

Currently their fresh herbs and vegetables can be found at many Palm Beach County restaurants and markets. More specifically, you can find them at the Boca Raton and Delray Beach farmers’ markets during season. 

Right now, you can also find something extra special on their online Etsy shop: spilanthes acmella, a species of flowering herb also known as “buzz buttons.” The flower bud has a grassy taste followed by a strong tingling or numbing sensation and often excessive salivation, with a cooling sensation in the throat. It is really cool and unique, and makes for an amazing prank to a friend, or foe 😉

How to contact the Nomads: Call or Text 561.558.3777 | |

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