Brewery Throwdown – Ommegang Brewery vs. Barrel of Monks – 2/27/17

Welcome back to the second year of Brewery Throwdown!

If you don’t know what you have been missing out on, this event series is about great beer, great food, great fun, and a little friendly competition. Each brewery participating has to pre-select 4 beers to pair with a top secret 4 course menu that only the chef knows! Each week a different local chef is featured. You as the audience, vote on who paired it best. The winner of each round is determined by who MATCHED the dish best with one of their beers. The only brewery to win against BoM during the entire series last year was Due South, who against better judgment was invited back for a rematch on August 28th ;)…..see full lineup below.               


         4 Courses, 8 Beers, 1 Champion

ROUND 1: February 27th vs. Ommegang with Chef Brian Cartenuto from Tucker Dukes

ROUND 2: April 24th vs. MIA with Chef Ryan Lorenzo from Foxy Brown

ROUND 3: June 12th vs. Terrapin with Chef Jessie Steele from C.W.S Kitchen & Bar

ROUND 4: August 28th vs. Due South with Chef Jeffrey Lemmerman from Cheffrey Eats

ROUND 5: October 30th vs. Peak Organic with Chef Brad Grace from Grace’s Fine Foods

ROUND 6: December 11th vs. Cigar City Brewing with Chef T.B.D


The 2nd annual Barrel of Monks Brewing Brewery Throwdown had its first match of the year on February 27th in Boca Raton at BoM brewery! Brewery Throwdown is a culinary and beer event unlike ANY OTHER! Each time a different brewery takes on BoM in a beer-pairing match to the death! In this competition it’s more about the beer than the food, naturally.

Like I mentioned above, every Throwdown has a guest chef preparing the dishes. This week we were lucky to have the eccentric, loud, foul-mouthed, fun-loving, larger-than-life and incredibly talented Chef Brian Cartenuto in the house preparing the food! Chef Brian is the owner/creator/executive chef for Tucker Dukes Lunchbox. Tucker Dukes original location is in Niceville (Chef’s hometown), Deerfield Beach and more recently Boca Raton. He was coming off a HUGE weekend at the SOBE Food and Wine Burger Bash, were he took home BEST BURGER 2017!

Now for the food and beer! Chef Brian said he like to have themes during meals like this, so for this one he decided to go with “Breakfast for dinner”, which is ALWAYS a good idea. “Shit is going get super weird!” yelled Chef Brian as he walked into the kitchen to prepare course one.


Beer Selections:

Endless Enigma BPA (BoM)

Rosetta Cherry Sour (Omme.)

Three Fates Tripel (BoM)

Witte Wheat Ale (Omme.)

Passion of the Wizard Wit (BoM)

Hennepin Farmhouse Saison (Omme.)

Den of Sins Imperial Stout (BoM)

Siren’s Song Dark Strong Ale (Omme.)


Course #1: “Cheese Course” – Baked brie wrapped in homemade pasta. Served with rum soaked cherries, micro greens and assorted crackers.



BoM: Passion of the Wizard

Ommegang: Rosetta Cherry Sour


Course #2: “Bagels & Lox” – Pan roasted Salmon, cream cheese and chive potatoes, a homemade everything bagel chip topped with capers, red onion, radishes, dill and olive oil.


BoM: Endless Enigma BPA

Ommegang: Hennepin Farmhouse Saison


Course #3: “Breakfast Ramen” – Bacon broth, alkaline noodles, scallions, Tokyo turnips, chicken-lime sausage, soft egg, chili paste and bacon crumbles.



BoM: Three Fates Tripel

Ommegang: Witte Wheat Ale


Course #4: “Morning Glory Fritter” – Carrots, apples, cranberries, cherries, pineapple, spices all fried up like a donut/fritter. Served on the side was a cereal milk pastry cream for dipping.



BoM: Den of Sins Imperial Stout

Ommegang: Siren’s Song Dark Strong Ale


Ommegang took the first two rounds, quite easily. But Barrel of Monks made it interesting and staged a late comeback to tie it up at 2 rounds each! Since there was a tie, two rounds each, we had to go to individual votes. When each round was tallied up, the tiebreak eventually went to Ommegang Brewery due to having more votes! See everyone at the next Throwdown on 4/24 where MIA Brewing will take on Barrel of Monks. Chef Ryan Lorenzo from Foxy Brown will be supplying the dank! 



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