Death or Glory

Finally, something that can break the “Falcon House curse”! Death or Glory has taken over the space formerly known as the Falcon House and Max’s Social House and Triple Eight Lounge and Ellyngton’s and Ceviche Tapas…….well you get it. But, finally, a concept built to last!

Death or Glory is owned by Repour’s Isaac Grillo and Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge’s Ayme Harrison. Death or Glory founders say their goal is to bring a new craft cocktail experience to Delray Beach. “We were looking for a place with a neighborhood feel,” Grillo tells New Times. “It was also something we were having a hard time finding outside Miami. This house has a lot of history, and we want to honor that history while also establishing something new. Our goal is to offer the best cocktails, period.”

After visiting a few times, including the pre-opening menu tasting feast, I can assure you that they DO offer the best cocktails, period! And to go along with the best cocktails, they have some of the best food in town to go with! Executive Chef Jessie Steele (IG – @jessie.csteele), one of South Florida’s most talented young Chef’s, is cooking up some incredible and unique food to pair with the amazing cocktails at Death or Glory.

Death or Glory is open 7 days a week, and serves food late-night, every night! They certainly are catering to the strong hospitality demographic that works and plays in town with their in-house cocktail store and bartender friendly specials! Death or Glory can be as casual as you want, come in sandals and shorts for happy hour. Or, it can be a great spot to take your favorite date for a night on the town. And just like in the Falcon House days, you can stumble in at 1:00 a.m. for a juicy burger and cold beer!

Check out some of my favorite dishes and cocktails currently being served at Death or Glory:




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